Pamella's fascination with the use of vivid colors to capture mood, feeling and emotion inspired her to draw from the art of the 19th-century Romanticism movement for the Pamella Roland Resort 2025 collection. 

Remaining faithful to the atelier's signature style, she curated a palette featuring wisteria, coral, sage, dove, sky blue, rose, emerald, and gold. Luxurious fabrics like Floral Chine, Silk Mikado, Ombre Chiffon, Sequined Embroidered Tulle, Mirrored Lace, and Organza were meticulously adorned with Ostrich Plumes, Mixed Crystal Pearls, Tulles Ruffles, 3D Taffeta & Crystal Flowers, Bows, and Sunburst Mixed Beading. These elements seamlessly flowed into soft, ethereal silhouettes with cascading drapes, elegant columns, and organic shapes, paying homage to the iconic female figures depicted in the works of Romantic masters such as Delacroix, John Waterhouse, and Constance Charpentier.

Key highlights of the collection include a draped one-shoulder silk metallic chiffon gown adorned with a 3D flower, a bespoke ombre-tailored satin suit transitioning gracefully from rose to black, and an exquisite finale gown crafted from over 100 meters of sky blue ruffled tulle.